Yoga with compassion, grace and a splash of humor

Namaste, I’m Linda Moore

In November (2018) I sailed to Florida from  the Caribbean island of Grenada where I lived on my sailboat and taught yoga for five years. Inspired by my yoga students in the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands, I studied to be a yoga teacher at a Yoga Alliance Registered School with certifications in Kripalu Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga for All, as well as Meditation Instructor. I still live on my sailboat, now in Key West.

Your yoga practice with me will incorporate mindfulness, with body and breath awareness. I will guide you safely, with compassion, grace and a bit of humor. 

I believe that your yoga journey should meet you where you are physically, mentally, intuitively and spiritually; and you should feel safe to practice yoga without pain or competition, without judgments or stereotypes. 

Whether you are coming to the mat to stretch and strengthen your body, free tension, quiet a busy mind or find spiritual renewal, your personal journey should always be one of Self-discovery.

You can read about my sailing life on Troubadour at Sailing Troubadour.